Sluggers Baseball Academy Tryouts 2013/2014

Age(s):   High School

Date:   Aug. 3rd, 2013 - Aug. 4th, 2013

Deadline:   Aug. 2nd, 2013 (Friday)

Posted: Tue, July 30th (6:43pm) | by Mark McBratney
This tryout will be for those who plan to play for Sluggers Baseball Academy the year of 2013/2014. Tryouts will be held at the first weekend of August, Saturday the 3rd for Freshmen and Sophomores and Sunday the 4th for Juniors and Seniors (be aware that time and date may change, this will be communicated through your tryout registration information). The plan is to have the incoming Freshmen tryout at 10am on Saturday August 3rd, Sophomores tryout at 1pm on August 3rd, Juniors tryout at 10am on Sunday August 4th, and Seniors at 12pm August 4th. TRYOUTS WILL BE HELD AT SLUGGERS (1443 N Ridge Rd)!

Sluggers Baseball Academy has rich history of quality baseball players that have developed through our program since the late 1990's, names like Mike Pelfrey, Derek Norris, Travis Banwart, Logan Watkins, and Tyler Grimes who are all in professional baseball and have all developed their skills through our academy program. Under our new direction with 360 Sports Training & Development not much staff or baseball wise has changed, our goal is still to continue to provide the best possible opportunity for our high school players to develop into college baseball players and provide the best development program with the best baseball staff in the area. We will continue to strive to develop high quality baseball players with the goal of playing baseball at the next level!

All Sluggers players that plan on returning to play in the Academy MUST register for tryouts, we will put rosters together after tryouts with this information and if you do not register for tryouts we will assume that you are not returning to Sluggers and you will not have a roster spot. If you played on Sluggers 17 Red or Sluggers 16 Blue this year and plan on returning to Sluggers to play you must attend tryouts, if there is a reason you cannot please make sure that we know!

We will be having tryouts for all of our returning Sluggers Teams and forming new teams at the 15U and 16U age divisions. Some of the coaches and teams are listed below:

Matt Baty & Paul Sanagorski - 18U

Tyson Corley - 18U

Josh Bickel - 16U/17U

Mark McBratney & Kelly Zane - 15U/16U

Mark Standiford - We will determine between two factors on what age group Mark will coach. The amount of players trying out and the talent at each age group.

We also have other qualified coaches waiting in the wings and may have will have other opportunities for one other Sluggers Academy team, this will also be determined by the amount of players we have tryout and the amount of talent at any given age group.

Sluggers Baseball Academy Tryouts 2013/2014
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